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Why Did You Hire Black ?

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Each color that we hire, must be able to deliver certain job. If I hire pink, this pink bag that I hire must be able to do the work of creating and presenting the soft element that I want to present.

So only pink can do this job? No.

Colors of Elle Hobo


I’ve encountered some women, and they feel like they have to choose black, because all these years she only opt for black because she feels that its her color.

This stereotype has to go; to let you enjoy the beauty of colors that the world has to offer. You can still experiment other color that do the job as good as black. Let dig inside.

Q1 : Why black?
– Because its an easy color?
– I am just a laid back person, do not want to think too much.

Q2: Think again. Why do you love Black?
– It can covers my flaw?
– Meaning that all I do is focusing on my flaws and these flaws must be covered?

Q3: Think deeper. Why do you love black?
– I am a boss and want to look stern?
– Other colors can make you look stern too: Oxblood, maroon, dark emerald, mahogany.

Got my point ? Who are you ? Why did you hire Black?

My personal experience answer:

I love black yes because its easy to manage. Meaning I know that i didn’t put enough effort to present what I want to present. I should change. And then, I have to stop focusing on flaws, but to start offering my strength. What are the colors can represent my strength? Yes I am a boss and I want to look assertive at times. So, I still can choose other assertive colors.

So now I can try other colors that deliver what i want?
Oh yes !.

VLV Vienna Tote in Pink


Once you answered this, you will not be confined and ruled by just only one color. You can also pin out whats need to be changed. Ever since I learn this, I no longer afraid trying colors I havent and afraid of trying.

You will have freedom to choose, and still be you.

Enjoy !


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